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Christmas 2018


From time to time we host days of prayer and reflection for women interested in exploring a vocation to Religious life.

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Advent 2019
(Christmas Newsleter)

Greetings to everyone as Advent again heralds the coming of the Son of God into our lives. Advent is that quiet gentle time of year that encourages us to take time out to deepen our relationship with God. The Liturgy encourages, challenges and consoles us that our God is coming to save. God doesn’t want to frighten us so he comes as a tiny helpless baby to show how much He loves us. Advent is a precious time as we await His coming in joy. It is also a busy time with the shops and the television ads encouraging us to spend ever greater amounts of money! We keep all in our prayers as we know that for some this is anything but a joyful season. For some the danger of death is ever present as there are now more martyrs for the faith than ever in the world. A recent report estimates that fifty five people die every day worldwide for the faith. Several of our friends have been and still are seriously ill, most of the community and very many of our friends have lost loved ones during the year and so many are suffering the pain of everyday life to a greater or lesser degree. We ask God to touch us all and bring joy out of the sorrow and pain of everyday life. 

We would like to thank very sincerely all our friends and benefactors for their help and support during the year. It means so much to us to have such good friends.

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Welcome to the Carmelite Monastery, Roebuck, Dublin 

We are a community of Carmelite Sisters called by God, to live a life of prayer for the Church and for the world.

Our Rule tells us to ‘meditate day and night on the law of the Lord’.  In other words to ponder the scriptures as we go about our daily tasks.

The heart of our day is the celebration of the Eucharist and we say the full Divine Office.  We also spend two hours in personal prayer each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. 

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and that you find reason to return soon. 

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