A Celtic Journey with St. John of the Cross

We would like to share with you two beautiful musical reflections in honour of Our Lady and St John of the Cross recorded by Kerrie O’Connor and friends in our Chapel. We vacated the Chapel one afternoon while they did all the hard work!!  The first one is available on youtube and the second will be available for the feast of St John of the Cross on 14th December. We hope you will enjoy. https://youtu.be/R2YGDeZ0haE


A Celtic journey 



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From time to time we host days of prayer and reflection for women interested in exploring a vocation to Religious life. For further information please contact us at: carmel@roebuckcarmel.com





Sunday Reflections  


2nd Sunday of Lent




Genesis 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18

Romans 8:31-34

Mark 9: 2-10


Someone once said that “Great things happen when men and mountains meet”.  Our scripture readings today certainly point to the important place mountains have in the history of our Salvation.  The experience of being on top of a mountain gives us a broader perspective of the surrounding countryside and, indeed, of life in general.  Not surprisingly in the Bible, mountains are usually associated with divine encounters. But when we reach the top of a mountain we are only half-way on the full journey!  There is always the decent from that height and that can also be the challenging part of the journey.  Climbing the mountain is symbolic of the effort and learning that goes into achieving the goal.  If the goal has been to build for something in the future then the decent is filled with the blessings and benefits of effort and learning.

Abraham and Sarah were given the gift of their son, Isaac, by God. The name Isaac means ‘the expression of the smile of God.’  Abraham’s journey to the top of the mountain in Moriah required all the effort of a faithful servant of God.  And his willingness to sacrifice his most important gift was blessed by God’s smile. And so, his descent of the mountain, the second half of the journey of his life was to be lived out as the father of a great nation and people. 

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Sr. Breda McInerney (1935-2024)

 Sr Brida

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Sr Breda McInerney.

Born on 1st February 1935 at Cooraclare, Co Clare. Breda joined the Nazareth Sisters after her secondary school years and taught in their schools in Australia until she decided to be a Carmelite. In 1985 Sr. Breda came to Ireland and joined Firhouse Carmel. In 2017 she transferred to Roebuck after the sad closure of Firhouse.

Sr Breda was always interested in people and their concerns and was very zealous in her prayer for all. We are confident that she will continue to bring our concerns to the Lord on our behalf and that she will intercede for us all.

Always interested in sport she was an avid follower of the GAA and was keenly interested in rugby.

After suffering for years with heart problems it finally gave up on her and she died peacefully and serenely in the Monastery aided by the wonderful care of our doctors and the hospice nurses.

May she rest in eternal peace.

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