If you feel you may have a vocation to Carmel please contact us at

A vocation is a calling from God

As Carmelites, we believe that a vocation is a calling from God, and in truth, demands
total dedication and a free response from those who receive it 

A vocation is very personal to each one of us

Its not always easy to understand nor accept – and for many – it takes time to discern if they have a vocation or not. This period can be the cause of much searching and at times upset as one seeks to respond to what is after all life changing challenge.

In order to discern one’s calling it is best not to stress or set artificial deadlines. Rather it is a time for reflection – a time to be truthful about all thos aspects of your life that are called into question. It is also a time to seek help, support and encouragement from those who know and love you.

The Carmelite family and many of their individual comunities can help. In a spirit of openness that seeks to facility both sides, we offer our help with your discernment.

Our experience here in Ireland has shown us that as we look to help – one of the most successful supports and approaches that we can provide, is one where you would spend periods of time within our communities. By getting to know our way of life it would also mean that we would have the opportunity to get to know you.

For many years now, we have opened our doors, and in so doing, we believe, have been of some help to generations of women seeking a path to a fuller life in the service of their God.


Requirement for Entrance to Roebuck

  • Single woman between the ages of 21 and 50
  • A practicing Roman Catholic
  • General emotional and physical good health
  • Some college and/or equivalent work experience

The Process of Formation

  • At least one year 
  • Noviate: Usaually a two year period
  • Temporary Vows:  a minimum of three years before taking final vows
  • Final Vows: You commit yourself to God within Carmel community forever