The end of a wonderful year

(Year of St Teresa of Avila’s birth, Fifth Centenary)

We have had a busy week! On the night of the 14th October we celebrated Mass for the closing of the fifth centenary year of St Teresa of Avila’s birth. Fr Brain Mc Kay O Carm. preached a very inspiring and challenging homily. He has very kindly given his permission to share his homily with you (PDF of Homily)

We were joined by many of our friends for the occasion and we all enjoyed the cuppa afterwards.

Thursday night 15th October saw us off to Whitefriar St Church for the Closing Mass of the centenary year. His Excellency Archbishop Charles Brown Papal Nuncio in Ireland was the chief celebrant. Again we were treated to a thought provoking homily. You can watch a recording of the Mass on (Whitefriar Street Church, no longer available).

On Sunday morning Louis and Zelie Martin were canonized by Pope Francis in Rome. Louis and Zelie are better known as the parents of St Therese – The Little Flower.

It is important to remember that they have been canonized on their own merits and not because they are the parents of a saint!

Louis and Zelie are real models for parents, they suffered and struggled with life and death as they brought up their children. They buried four of their nine children before Zelie succumbed to cancer when her youngest was only five.

These two are real saints to whom we can pray on all matters family and for all sick children.

We watched the ceremony of canonization on EWTN and we are sure they will repeat. 


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